We challenge the boundaries

    At Saninudge we challenge boundaries to improve patients quality of life by leveraging technology to create frictionless customer-centric solutions that are universally accessible.

    Saninudge is building an operating system for the hospital of the future, today. Our mission is to eliminate Hospital Acquired Infections, a leading cause of death in Europe. We're doing this through several products built on top of our connected hospital platform - a combination of sensor networks, wearable technologies, and big data insights. If you want to solve problems big and small, experiment relentlessly, and execute ruthlessly to help us save a life a day: welcome.
    As a team, we work hard towards our goal to lower the number of patients that contract an infection after they are admitted to a hospital.

    High growth and international expansion

    We are an international team of 9 people with an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion for improving patients quality of life, and an ambition to grow Saninudge to a global business with serious impact. In 2017 we are planning an expansion to 5 new markets, including a clinical trial in Northern Europe. We expect you to be like-minded and share a deep motivation to help others like the rest of the team.

    We value culture above everything

    Our culture means everything. We are more than just co-workers. We are a team and we are friends. The office is more than just a workplace, it’s a second home. We drink beers together, we joke, we are outgoing, and we are honest with each other. We have a “work hard” culture, why it’s important that we can rely on each other. We execute rather than spending time on creating good-looking powerpoints.

    It’s important that you are passionate, reliable, humble but ambitious, a team player, good at executing tasks, and curious to constantly learn and develop not only yourself but also the colleagues around you.